The 615 House is a media platform, digital marketing strategy agency and lifestyle brand that represents the authentic Nashville music community. A multi-platform entertainment brand, distributed across major social network and digital media properties with both original and curated content. The 615 House is a promoter and curator of unique live event experiences that brings the Nashville experience for fans across the country. 


"In August of 2020, eight of us found a space in Nashville where we could hang out. Live music had been cancelled and we needed a way to share our music. We took way to many Covid tests and decided to spend a few weeks together.

We didn’t have an agenda. We just wanted to sing together, to jam, to work on original music, and to collaborate. We decided to document these moments. We had no idea what we were creating or where it might take us. That was how “The 615 House” was launched.

Over the past 3 years, the project has grown significantly. It has helped catapult the careers of some of country music's next stars. The House has worked with 100+ artists and creators hosting live events, developing creative content services, and partnering with prominent brands.vMost importantly, we continue to be a community and platform that serves as a voice for music discovery."

- Chris Ruediger, Co-Founder and CEO of The 615 House